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Team Approach

A Team Approach

In 27 year of private practice, Dr. Gwen S. Korovin has developed a full range of treatment options, including audiology services, within her office environment. She has also built strong working relationships with a network of trusted:

  • Speech and language pathologists.
  • Singing voice specialists.
  • Homeopathic and naturopathic practitioners.
  • Performance anxiety specialists.
  • Osteopaths.
  • Physical therapists and trainers for muscle issues.

Her in-house team of professionals includes a full-time audiologist who can serve you with hearing testing, hearing aid services, custom ear protection for the musician or earplugs for the swimmer. It’s a great convenience to be able to see the doctor and then have your hearing tested in a single location.

Professional voice users who need unique types of help will benefit from Dr. Korovin’s wide-ranging network of experts who have the highest level of expertise in working with those who use the voice professionally. She has longstanding relationships with a wide range of experts in related specialties, and can refer you to a specialist knowledgeable in dealing with your particular condition. She then follows through, monitoring all aspects of your treatment.

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