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New York Voice Care For Professional Speakers

New York Voice Care For Professional Speakers

Patrick Stewart

Everyone’s heard of singers having vocal problems. However, professional speakers can also be troubled with voice and throat issues that threaten their ability to do their jobs. These problems tend to get much less media attention.

Dr. Korovin has treated numerous politicians and corporate CEOs who must speak to large crowds of people, as well as actors, talk show hosts and other professional speakers. Her patients have included actors James Earl Jones, Patrick Stewart (shown at right) and Daniel Radcliffe, to mention a few. But she also cares for many non-celebrity patients, including teachers, salespeople and attorneys who overuse their voices and suffer from hoarseness or a vocal cord injury. Even athletic coaches who have to yell a great deal in their work have been treated at her office. Exercise coaches who may have to speak above loud music often are in need of help.

Unique Challenges For Public Speakers

Professional speakers can face a unique set of challenges. Salespeople, for example, often travel frequently in dry, cold airplane cabins that are bad for vocal health, or have to run teleconferences that require them to speak up over lots of other people for long periods. Telemarketers may be forced to talk loudly all day to be heard above others in cubicles around them. Often speakers find themselves in rooms where the acoustics are less than optimal or a microphone is not working well.

Dr. Korovin has the highest level of expertise in diagnosing voice problems. She treats the full range of issues including laryngitis, vocal cord nodules and vocal fold polyps. In most cases, a prescription of simply resting the voice will resolve the issue. Dr. Korovin may also recommend voice therapy or coaching from someone in her extensive referral network. Some patients may need to work with a coach to improve their vocal and presentation skills, while others may need to work with a speech language pathologist to specializes in voice.

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