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Patient Services

Professional Services

Dr. Korovin provides specialized voice care for performers, and
a full range of diagnostic and treatment approaches for ear, nose and throat issues.

voice care for young singers and actors

Treatment for young singers

A Full Team Approach To Ear, Nose & Throat Care

Dr. Gwen S. Korovin’s expertise covers a complete range of patient services and specialized exams.

Routine ear nose and throat examinations.

Ear, nose and throat treatment for the professional singer.

Diagnosis and minimally invasive intervention for throat / laryngeal cancer.

Basic head and neck examinations.

ENT for the professional voice user.

Diagnosis and management of:

  • Acid reflux laryngitis.
  • Sleep problems / Apnea
  • Allergies
  • Hoarseness
  • Vocal fold paralysis.

General voice wellness care, including periodic throat and vocal fold checkups.

Management of acute / emergency voice problems.


Specialized exams done by Dr. Korovin include:

Nasal endoscopy to visually inspect the nasal passages and septum.

Nasopharyngoscopy to examine the nose, back of the nose and upper part of the throat.

Laryngoscopy to directly inspect the nose, throat and larynx for abnormalities.

(All three above performed with flexible fiberoptic scope)

Laryngoscopy with rigid scope to visualize the vocal folds.

Rigid Videostroboscopy to examine the vocal folds in slow motion.

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