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Diagnosis of Vocal Cord Problems New York

Diagnosis of Vocal Cord Problems New York

Patients often feel worried about procedures the doctor will use to diagnose their vocal cord problems. But most voice issues are diagnosed by Dr. Korovin with just a simple exam. And even if more advanced diagnostic approaches are needed, the worst thing most patients will ever experience is minor discomfort.

Dr. Korovin has a high level of expertise in diagnosing a full range of vocal cord problems for her New York patients, including:
– Acute laryngitis
– Hoarseness
– Breathiness or running out of breath
– Vocal strain
– Loss of power or range for singers
– Burning throat
– Need to clear throat constantly

Most of these conditions can be diagnosed with a laryngeal mirror, a small hand mirror held against the back of the throat. The doctor will usually shine a light in the patient’s mouth to see the throat more clearly with the mirror.

More Complex Issues

To view a problem that may be more complex, Dr. Korovin may use a flexible fiber optic laryngoscope. If it’s necessary to look more closely at the vocal folds, the doctor may also use a rigid video stroboscope. This is an advanced tool that uses a synchronized, flashing light to make it possible to observe the vibration of the vocal folds in slow motion as they produce sound.

Although procedures with the laryngoscope or stroboscope are essentially painless, some patients with a strong gag reflex may find them uncomfortable. In such cases, Dr. Korovin may use a light anesthetic to numb the patient’s nose and throat.

Some larger medical centers may initially perform more extensive and expensive diagnostic tests without even examining the patient’s vocal cords with a mirror. While flexible laryngoscopes and rigid videostroboscopes may cause a bit of distortion, the mirror exam give a true view of the color and size. Dr. Korovin believes in looking carefully at every patient herself before performing more advanced diagnostic studies or ordering tests by any outside entity. It’s a key part of her commitment to personalized, one on one medical care.

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