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How to Choose an ENT Voice Specialist in New York

How to Choose an ENT Voice Specialist in New York

ent throat specialist new york[cn-social-icon]Otolaryngologists are often referred to as “ENTs” or ear, nose and throat specialists. Another name for the specialty is “ORL” or otorhinolaryngologists. As the name infers, they’re doctors trained to manage and treat issues of the ear, nose and throat and of the related muscles and structures of the neck and the head.

Few ENTs or ORLs focus on the voice problems of professional singers and speakers as strongly as Dr. Korovin. Her experience as an ENT voice specialist includes serving on the Board of Directors for The Voice Foundation and doing numerous presentations at voice conferences and symposia on issues like vocal fold lesions, sudden vocal injuries in performers, steroids and the voice, to name a few.

As an ENT voice specialist, Dr. Korovin has developed an exceptional level of expertise in treating people who use their voices professionally. Her long experience with performers, who worry tremendously about their vocal cords, has given her a strong sense of empathy. This is a comfort to her patients.

Over 24 years in practice, Dr. Korovin has built a vast clinical experience in treating a wide range of voice issues. Her New York office has the most advanced diagnostic equipment, including a videostroboscope to diagnose subtle voice problems. That’s why other ENTs, as well as voice coaches and therapists, often refer singers to her for specialized treatment. In fact, Dr. Korovin is so well known in the Broadway sphere that performers frequently visit her on their own initiative to get a second opinion on a troublesome voice issue.

Dr. Korovin has received a great deal of press coverage. A few examples of articles about patients who have benefited from Dr. Korovin’s treatment:

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